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Lake Winnipeg Faces Multiple Problems
Swimmers are warned about high counts of E. Coli bacteria in the water - and excessive amounts of algae can make the lake green and slimy.

Wolves beneficial to trees
A study in Yellowstone has linked the return of wolves to the park with the reversal in the decades long decline of cottonwood trees in the park.

Whale harvest blamed for domino effect Overharvesting of the great whales linked to declines of harbor seals, fur seals, sea lions and sea otters in the North Pacific

African lion population plumets
Research in Kenya shows the number of lions has fallen from 200,000 to about 23,000 during the past 20 years.

Boreal forests poorly managed
A report published by three environmental groups charges Canada's federal and provincial governments with doing a poor job of managing the boreal forests that cover almost half of Canada.

Trying to reverse hunting decline
A new project in Manitoba is trying to stop the slide in the number of hunters - which in the case of bird hunters, is now only one-quarter of what it was 20 years ago.

More fires both effect and cause
Global warming causes draughts - which causes more forest fires - which lead to massive releases of carbon and more global warming.

Danger point could be higher than thought
Recent research suggests that fish populations can be 'in trouble' when their numbers still seem to be quite high because of the low number of fish that are capable breeders.

Mountain Gorillas back from the brink
The mountain gorillas of central Africa aren't as close to extinction as they once were, but they're not out of danger yet.

Global warming bad for forage crops
Many people probably think milder winters would be good for northern crops, but a recent study indicates forage crops in particular will suffer.

Positive effect of Nitrate pollution found
Nitrate pollution can cause excessive algae blooms in lakes - but recent research suggests it can also help reduce the level of arsenic in the water.

Money, the environment and birds
Money invested in protecting wild areas produces a 100 to one economic return - but birds prefer to live in wealthier neighborhoods.

Counting Jaquars with cameras and spot patterns
Camera traps photographed them - distinctive spot patterns identified them - to make possible a census of jaguars in Belize.

Acid rain poses multiple threats to forests
Recent research has shown that acid rain removes trace minerals from the top soil - seriously impacting the health of the trees and the forests.

Diversity helps resist invading exotic species
Purple loosestrife, zebra mussels and other European species have invaded North America in recent years. Recent research shows that the more diverse an area is with native species, the more it can resist the invaders.

Large icebergs negatively impact plant, wildlife species
When large icebergs break off the Antarctic ice shelf, they can have a major impact on phytoplankton - and ultimately on populations of krill, fish, seals, whales and penguins.

Weed killer, fertilizer tied to frog decline
Popular weed killer demasculinizes frogs, disrupts their sexual development - fertilizer increases parasites that infect amphibians.

Farming hurts bird populations
A recent study suggests allowing farming in forested areas hurts bird populations more than timber harvesting operations.

Bushes and birth control pills threaten birds
Berry producing bushes that lure cedar waxwings to their death on highways - and pollution from birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy that reduces reproductive success in birds are two recently investigated problems.

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