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This page last updated December 5, 2004


Links to Non-Profit Natural Resource Sites

United States


Canadian Council on Ecological Areas
A national, non-profit organization, the CCEA draws its membership and support from federal, provincial and territorial goverments, non-government organizations, private industry and the research community.

Canadian Wildlife Federation
A large site with information about many aspects of natural resources in Canada, how you can help protect them, and reports on special projects and events.

Canadian Nature Federation
The national voice for the protection of nature, its diversity, and the processes that sustain it. Web site provides information on wildlands and seas, endangered species, bird conservation and community education projects of the CNF.

Deep River Science Academy
A non-profit summer science school with the goal of encouraging high school students to pursue university studies and careers in science or engineering.

Ducks Unlimited Canada
Comments on the current news of the day related to conservation in Canada, on-line auctions, contests, tracking a flock of Canada geese, and of course information about the activities of DU in Canada are all found on this site.

Evergreen is a registered national charity with a mandate to bring nature to our cities by creating and sustaining healthy, natural outdoor spaces.

Manitoba Forestry Association
A recently expanded site with much more information about the Associations's programs and activities.

Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature
Information about what's going on at the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature including the main gallery, planetarium and science centre. Includes articles about topics such as collecting dinosaur bones.

Manitoba Naturalists Society
MNS runs an average of at least one outdoor event per week. The MNS offers an Indoor Program which features slide/video presentations and talks by members and subject experts.

Manitoba Wildlife Federation
The web site for Manitoba anglers and hunters. Stories about those activities, and conservation efforts the Federation is involved in.

Natural Heritage Network
Natural Heritage Programs and Conservation Data Centres represent the largest ongoing effort in the western hemisphere to gather standardized data on endangered plants, animals, and ecosystems.

Nature Conservancy of Canada
Dedicated to preserving ecologically significant natural areas, places of beauty and educational interest.

Oak Hammock Marsh
A fantastic interpretive centre located just north of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation
The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation has over 25,000 members. It claims that on a per capita basus, it is the largest organization of sportsmen and conservationists in the world.

This non-profit organization is located in Woodbridge, Ontario. Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife. Web site contains information on their recent activities including photos of some of their 'patients'.

Wildlife Habitat Canada
Wildlife Habitat Canada is a national, non-profit, conservation organization which was established in 1984 by Environment Canada, provincial wildlife agencies and conservation agencies within the wildlife habitat coalition. Contains habitat news, information on available grants, and other information.

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre
If you're into whales, you'll like this site. Upon entering the site, if you have Shockwave on your computer, choose the Flashed version - otherwise go to the unflashed version. Contains news and views about whales, and you can even hear live sounds of whales in the wild.

(United States and others)

An organization with a lot of history - and an excellent web site. Lots of information here about birds including projects such as the annual Christmas Bird Count, as well as current news and information about other wildlife and conservation projects.

Defenders of Wildlife
News, fact sheets and petitions in support of important environmental issues can be found on this website.

Ecology Fund
Offers a little information and a lot of ways to painlessly give money to environmental projects. Click on links to see ads and money is donated on your behalf.

Perhaps the best known, and often controversial environmental organization. Contains frequent 'action updates' about current Greenpeace projects.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
This organization says they're "dedicated to promoting conservation and sustainable use of natural resources through environmental education, natural resource management, habitat protection, ecosystem restoration, and public policy development." Stories on fish, birds and other wildlife species. Based in the U.S. but includes a worldwide focus. One page provides information on Bird Festivals throughout the United States and Canada.

National Wildlife Federation
Large organization, large site. At any given time, you can find numerous reports on environmental issues, reports on NWF activities, and many features. You can also find stories and photos from some of the magazines published by this organization including Ranger Rick and National Wildlife. Includes a section just for kids.

Sea Turtle Organization
A site dedicated to information and news concerning sea turles and projects related to them. The organization has been in existence since 1959 and is dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles and related marine and coastal wildlife through research, training, advocacy, education and the protection of natural areas.

A project designed to raise awareness of the world ocean and the life within it, this site contains news and information that's updated on a regular basis.

Wildlife Conservation Society
An offshoot of zoos and aquariums in New York city, it has lots of information about events and attractions at those facilities, and also contains news about wildlife projects around the world.

World Wildlife Fund
Information about the activities of this organization that conducts projects around the world to protect rare and endangered species.