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This page last updated May 28, 2005

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International Resource/Environmental News

Global Climate Change
A government of Canada web site with numerous short stories on different aspects of global warming and what it could mean for Canadians - and the world.

Earth Island Institute
Primarily stories drawn from the Earth Island Journal. Most are about activities of this institute, although also includes news and views on late breaking developments. Often has 'calls to action' for public support, financial and otherwise, for various projects and campaigns.

One of the most informative nature sites we've seen. Online field guides to birds, butterflies, amphibians, wildflowers and more. Has online audio of more than 550 birds to help with identification. You could spend a lot of time here.

News about the global environmental movement. Updated frequently - includes numerous Real Audio and video stories.

Environmental News Network
Environmental news stories updated daily. Also provides a forum where you can express your views on environmental issues.

Not exactly a news site (we don't have a more appropriate heading at the moment), but if you like nature photography, you'll love this site. Galleries full of thumbnails of wildlife photos you can click on to see a full-size image. Does have some news in the form of articles related to nature photography.

Natural Resource Defense Council
This site can be a little confusing to navigate, but it does contain useful information about problems in the world of natural resources and what's being done to combat them. Expect to see information such as protecting whales, reducing pollution, etc. Contains weekly news updates, including some from the ENN Network.

Nature North
A nature magazine about Manitoba, done by Manitobans, for Manitobans, but showcasing Manitoba to the world! This e-zine is designed as a resource for teachers and parents, helping them "turn kids on" to nature and wildlife. And they plan to include lots of stuff just for kids.

The Environment Site
This site offers frequently updated news stories and more - forums, eco-tips, and many ways to help fund environmental activities. The site says it exists to "help you protect the environment at no cost to yourself". Various ways to do that on the site include shopping to donate and search to donate.